Lyme Disease

     I cheated. For 10 days we were on a vacation so I was a “bad” boy and I ate peanut butter, grilled cheese, tomato soup, grain free pizza, kombucha, raw chocolate milk with honey, bullet proof coffee, and even an organic vegan meal (oh my).  I gained eight pounds. 
     I didn’t eat all that at once of course but over 10 the ten days of vacation I veared away from my animal based diet and had a blast doing it..It tasted great and I felt free. But in the end it also made me feel like crap. And beyond the weight gain my neck is kinked, I have a raging head ache and I’m feeling depressed. I’m back on the wagon but not nearly as amped about this diet as I was back in July. Everyone else in my family seems to be doing fine just eating normal health food and I wonder why I’m such an odd ball and have to take it to the extreme just to hold off a river of inflammation.
     Just before I sit down to my burger patty I break down wondering why I can’t just eat like a normal healthy person. 
     With tears in her own eyes Rebekah says it’s because I have Lyme disease.
     Sometimes I forget that I have a bad disease and I expect to kick this thing so simply. I have to remind myself to accept the pain. This is the hand I’ve been delt in this game of life.  Sometimes I play that hand really well, and other times I let it get to me. This is one of those times I’m not playing very well.
     So how do I get through? Sometimes, when I’m crashing I just go through the motions. Given that I have a family, farm and business to run I have to.  And seriously though, that’s probably my best medicine. A must do, to do list. 

Here’s a short film I made about my daily Battle with Lyme disease (lots of remedies):

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